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Helping Make A Difference

In 2018, we introduced the Dallas Catalyst Project as a neighborhood revitalization initiative among TREC Community Investors and three nonprofit partners: St. Philip’s School & Community Center, Cornerstone Baptist Church, and ForestForward. These organizations continue to team up to help make a difference in South Dallas’ Forest District.


  • Promoting equitable development
  • Improving the quality of life for residents
  • Increasing job preparedness and wealth creation opportunities
  • Enhancing safety and infrastructure
  • Supporting mixed-income and affordable housing

To help meet these goals, select TREC members serve as project managers for the three community organizations and provide pro bono professional services, technical assistance, and fundraising support.

Today, Community Investors’ commitment to the Dallas Catalyst Project has grown to more than $2.7 million, with funding extended through 2022.

To learn more, please contact TREC Community Investors.

Dallas Catalyst Project



17 Total Projects

11 Projects Funded Through Grants
$1,900,000+ in Cash Investments
$550,000+ in Pro Bono Services and Technical Assistance

68,200 square feet of space being redeveloped


12,000+ residents impacted

* Based on Investments 2018 – 2020

Dallas Catalyst Project Spotlights

1632 MLK Boulevard Retail Project

  • Project Scope: Restoration and renovation of 12,000 square feet of retail space on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard
  • Goals: Improve quality of life, jobs and wealth creation, infrastructure improvements, neighborhood revitalization
  • Estimated Cost: $3 million
  • Status: Completion Fall/Winter 2021

Southpoint Community Market

  • Project Scope: Renovation of vacant retail space to provide access to fresh and healthy food options, household items, and jobs and skills training for the community
  • Goals: Improve quality of life, jobs and wealth creation, infrastructure
  • Estimated Cost: $790,000
  • Status: Completed 2021

MLK Learning Center (Now Exploratory Arts School)

  • Project Scope: Renovation and upgrade for facilities including the courtyard, teachers’ lounge, and auditorium
  • Goals: Improve quality of life, education, safety
  • Estimated Cost: $65,000
  • Status: Completed 2020

MLK Food Park

  • Project Scope: Creation of a temporary food park through a community-led incubator to highlight food insecurity, promote small businesses, and spur policy changes
  • Goals: Improve infrastructure, jobs and wealth creation, community engagement, neighborhood revitalization
  • Estimated Cost: $218,000
  • Status: Completed 2021