Who We Are

Community Investors powered by TREC

When our neighbors in low-to-moderate income areas have a vision for revitalizing their Dallas communities, we partner with them and other organizations to support their efforts in powerful and compelling ways.

We Are

An innovative organization dedicated to equitable development and neighborhood revitalization in Dallas and Collin counties.

A unique resource that empowers communities through an unrivaled combination of assets: financial capital, world-class expertise, targeted education, and a passion for making a difference in our city.

A trusted partner with the experience to help rejuvenate local economies, increase essential services, create jobs, expand affordable housing, and transform underserved areas into vibrant, thriving communities.

Our Story


The Real Estate Council’s philanthropic divisions previously operated as TREC Foundation and TREC Community Fund


In 2021, we relaunched as TREC Community Investors, remaining under the TREC umbrella with continued access to diverse professional services and technical assistance from the organization’s members


TREC Community Investors is a certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) by the U.S. Department of the Treasury


We’ve partnered with more than 750 nonprofit and community organizations that are also dedicated to transforming Dallas


We’ve invested more than $19 million in loans and grants for neighborhoods that have been overlooked and underserved

Why We’re Different

At TREC Community Investors, we’re unique because of what we do—and what we don’t.

We don’t specify how communities will evolve

We team up with our neighbors (many of whom are people of color) to give their vision a voice, energizing their economies while honoring their rich cultures.

We don’t simply make a donation

We’re the only organization of its kind to support underserved communities with both financial capital and human capital, combining access to loans and grants with pro-bono real estate expertise that dramatically amplifies our investment.

We don’t stand alone in providing support

We view community revitalization as a team effort that involves local businesses and other nonprofits, all working together to achieve our shared development goals.

We don’t focus on making improvements through a single development

We strive to elevate the quality of entire neighborhoods, addressing systemic issues and paving the way for strategic growth that brings in more services, more jobs, and more opportunities.