Dallas Catalyst Project: Mill City

Mill City Magic

In partnership with Mill City Community Association, Builders of Hope Community Development Corporation, and Urban Specialists, TREC Community Investors will commit an initial $1 million over three years toward catalytic real estate projects that address neighborhood issues of food insecurity, public safety, affordable housing, outdated infrastructure, and a lack of community gathering spaces and youth mentoring opportunities.

About Mill City

Founded in 1903 with the vision of opening a factory to train residents of color, Mill City has a history of economic vibrancy and community pride that, due to decades-long disinvestment, has been marred by blighted buildings, illegal dumping, loitering, and high concentrations of crime.

Neighborhood Demographics


5,519 residents


66% Black


19% Latino


52% employed


$36,819 median income


27% of residents are older than 65 or younger than 15 years old

Our Partners

Proposed Projects

Infrastructure Improvements and Vacant Lot Remediation

Dallas Catalyst Project: Mill City plans to address the neighborhood’s blighted commercial spaces and remediate at least 18 vacant lots. Infrastructure improvements, such as enhanced lighting, landscaping, and sidewalks, would address safety concerns and create a sense of community pride.

Urban Garden Teaching Farm

Constructing an urban garden teaching farm would supply a known food desert community with locally grown produce, create jobs, and educate residents on developing healthy eating and cooking habits.

Affordable Housing

Dallas Catalyst Project: Mill City will construct at least eight single-family homes and offer one-on-one financial counseling and education to homebuyers.

Harris Home of Champions Boxing Gym

A boxing gym will provide the neighborhood with a much-needed safe public gathering space, physical fitness opportunities, and mentoring for at-risk youth.

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