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TREC Community Investors specializes in capital that builds communities. If you are a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving low-to-moderate-income neighborhoods, you may qualify for a grant opportunity through TREC Community Investors.

Based on our mission of fostering equitable community development and neighborhood revitalization, Community Investors has provided capital and technical assistance to more than 400 community organizations since our inception.

Currently, our grants are targeted for projects benefiting the Forest District in South Dallas.

Our selected grant investments currently involve real estate projects in Dallas county that fall into one of the following areas:


Neighborhood Revitalization

Job Creation
The Environment
Should you be selected as one of our grant recipients, you would benefit from Community Investors’ unique process of pairing human capital with financial capital. In addition to the funding support, you would gain access to world-class expertise in commercial real estate, targeted education, and technical assistance. Our association with The Real Estate Council allows us to provide development services and additional tools (many at no cost) to amplify your organizations impact in the community.

For More Information

For more information about grant opportunities, please contact Community Investment Manager Gabrielle Bolling

Grant Availability Status

All of our current grants have been awarded. Please check back for new opportunities.