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Take Five With 2024 TREC Community Investors Chair Rick Perdue

by | Feb 21, 2024 | TREC Community Investors News, TREC Member Highlights

Rick Perdue serves as President of Rosewood Property Company, bringing with him more than 25 years of real estate experience. With this expertise, he guides the firm’s strategic vision and oversees the various asset classes, including office, retail, multifamily, self-storage and industrial. Rick has been a member of TREC for 20 years and was a member of the Associate Leadership Council (ALC) Class of 2005, has served as the ALC and FightNight Chair, and has been on the TREC Board of Directors and PAC member. He is the 2024 TREC Community Investors Chair.

How has being a member of TREC shaped your career? 

The friendships created are by far the biggest benefit of my involvement in TREC. I have met so many great people and through this, I have developed deep friendships, both personally and professionally. I am still friends with many members of my ALC Class of 2005. It has been rewarding to watch my classmates take leadership positions throughout Dallas real estate. We are currently trying to set a record for most FightNight chairs out of a single class.

What is something you wish more people knew about that TREC does? 

The impact on public policy. Each year, TREC interviews every single candidate for Dallas City Council, many DISD Board candidates and a host of other candidates in various elections across the region. TREC also visits Austin every other year to advocate for and against policies affecting real estate in our region and across the state. This is a vital effort that I believe flies under the radar for most TREC members.

How did you get involved with TREC’s community investment work?

My very first involvement with TREC’s community investment was serving on what was then called the Research & Development committee that vetted projects for grant applications. This has evolved into the Grants Committee, which effectively has the same goal. I always suggest this to young professionals looking to get involved in TREC. It is a great way to meet other non-profits in the Dallas region and get a first-hand look at how much TREC is able to impact local communities.

Why is it important for CRE professionals in Dallas to be involved with community investment work?

Everyone in Dallas real estate talks about how lucky we are to live in Dallas vs other regions of the country. It is not an accident that Dallas is such a great place to work, live and prosper. It is our duty to keep this magic going, and it is critical that all areas of Dallas participate in the regional growth. I am involved in The Loop, an effort to connect Dallas trails, and I love that we are connecting every area of Dallas together and helping to bridge the North/South divide.

What are you most excited about for TREC Community Investors in 2024?

That has to be the selection and implementation of the next phase of the Dallas Catalyst Project (DCP). There were so many great applicants, and I am so excited that Mill City was chosen. DCP: Forest District not only made a huge impact on the Forest District, but it created a model of how to leverage an initial investment into many multiples of that investment. I have no doubt that DCP: Mill City will be every bit as successful and impactful.