2018 Media Coverage


How A South Dallas Neighborhood Wrecked By A Freeway Can Become Whole Again
Dallas Morning News  December 7, 2018

Whatever Happened to Dallas’ Plan to Revive The Bottom Neighborhood Along the Trinity River?
Dallas Morning News — December 12, 2018


Revival of Old MLK Boulevard Hospital Building
NBC DFW — November 16, 2018


JPMorgan Chase Awards $400K Grant to Fund TREC Neighborhood Planning Program
Dallas Innovates  October 10, 2018

JPMorgan delivers hefty grant targeting ‘equitable development’ in Dallas
Dallas Innovates  October 11, 2018

AT&T Starts Streaming, Mavs Hire Breaks New Ground, TREC Gets $900K, and DFW Tops Rankings
Dallas Innovates  October 13, 2018

TREC launches program to spur investment, attack blight in Dallas
Dallas Business Journal  October 18, 2018

TREC: Neighborhoods Want A Say In How Development Happens
Bisnow  October 24, 2018


Rethinking Dallas’ Attraction to the Automobile
D CEO  September 18, 2018

Meet the Dallas urban planner behind Texas’ pursuit of the hyperloop
Dallas Morning News  September 19, 2018


The 2018 D CEO Nonprofit and Corporate Citizenship Awards 2018: TREC Community Fund
D CEO  August 2, 2018

Habitat for Humanity Is One Of Dallas’ Biggest Home Builders. And Right Now, It’s Struggling 
Dallas Morning News  August 3, 2018


Six Years Into GrowSouth, Developers Are Starting To Pay Attention To Southern Dallas
KERA  May 25, 2018


Why City Officials Believe a $16M Development Will Kick-Start Dallas Executive Airport
Dallas Morning News  April 2, 2018 

Dallas Council Mulls No-Bid, 39-Year Airport Contract for Former City Staffer
Texas Monitor  April 4, 2018

Dallas Executive Airport Development Approved After Turbulence at City Hall
Dallas Morning News
  April 11, 2018

CRE Opinion: TREC’s 30th FightNight Reinforces Community Commitment
D Magazine  April 24, 2018

Thirty Years In, TREC’s FightNight Pivots for Higher Impact
D Magazine  April 25, 2018


Affordable Housing Means Better Dallas Neighborhoods
Dallas Innovates  March 7, 2018

Meet The Dallas 500: Linda McMahon
  March 16, 2018


The Dallas 500 of 2018
D CEO  February 2, 2018

How the City Can Force Developers to Build a Greener Dallas
D Magazine  February 14, 2018

TREC Seeks Real Estate Proposals for 2018 Shark Tank: GrowSouth
Dallas Innovates
  February 26, 2018

CRE Opinion: How The Real Estate Council Impacts Careers
D Magazine  February 27, 2018


How The Forest Theater Could Become ‘The Front Door To South Dallas’
KERA  January 8, 2018

Pitch Perfect: North Texas Events Boosting Entrepreneurial Ideas
Dallas Innovates  January 25, 2018 

The Cedars: Urban Life Takes Root
Dallas Innovates  January 30, 2018